Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Studying 6 Connections Between Psychological Wellbeing and Physical Health

As time goes on, more and more research reveals the deep relationship between the status of a person’s mental health and their physical wellness.  Now, major research from reviews published in the most recent issue of Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics reaffirms the link.  

Realization of personal worth, talents and capacities is one aspect of the positive engagement that is a representation of wellbeing, as is purposeful engagement and enlightened self-knowledge.  But how are individuals meant to quantify or achieve these?

Seeking answers to such ongoing questions, various topics were targeted to explore the relationship between aspects of life and satisfaction with it.  Six themes emerged to contribute to this formulation, leading researchers to examine areas such as:

  • The Progression of Age.  Part of identifying wellbeing is understanding how to read it in different individuals.  It’s important to know that wellbeing at 60 doesn’t look the same as it did at 25. Following the changes and charting the correlating development helps manage expectations in later life and encourages individuals to aim for a true sense of prosperity at any age.
  • Personality.  Personalities were studied to see if similar types of people were more or less successful at achieving mental and physical health.  Looking for correlations across people who were mentally and physically well, researchers looked to pinpoint and strengthen the aspects that appeared to promote their wellbeing.
  • Family Life.  A big part of any individual is his or her relationship(s) to family.  With healthy connections to family or close friends comes a contentment that translates to psychological, and in turn, physical wellbeing.
  • Work and Community.  Balancing work and social life is a strategic affair, and falling short can have a greater effect on psychological wellbeing than many realize.  Success in both areas is important, as is taking a well-rounded approach to navigating the struggles that will inevitably arise.  
  • Biological Health.  Just as psychological health affects physical wellness, the reverse can also be true.  Even biological risk factors can hold enough sway to contribute to both areas of health.  Connecting the corollaries, such as these studies do, will help to better trace why these links occur.
  • Promoting Psychological Wellbeing.  With these research findings, experts hope to achieve greater awareness of how to seek good mental health.  Using clinical and intervention studies, they begin to explore how psychological wellbeing can be promoted for more of society.  Recognized for the important aspect of health that it is, mental wellness can in turn improve physical conditions.

Capitol Care believes in the innate right of every individual to experience a quality of life with both psychological and physical happiness.  Our programs are designed to fully support the individual needs of each person, with goals for successful transitions and integration into the community. We strive to educate Birmingham and beyond on the importance of mental health, empowering people to make informed decisions to better their own lives.


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