Friday, June 26, 2015

Identifying The Need For Mental Health

When you have, or believe you may have, a mental health problem, do not be scared to reach out for help. Seeking help is the first step in aiding you to heal, grow, and recover.
Read further to learn about the key steps you can take to resolve any mental health problems that may be burdening you.

Build Your Support System
Building a strong support system and surrounding yourself with trustworthy people are essential elements to successfully talking about your own mental health.
Find someone such as a parent, family member, friend, mentor, health care provider or other trusted individual, who:
    Likes, respects, and trusts you
    Gives good advice when you want and ask for it and assists you in taking action that will help
    Listens to you and shares with you in both the good and bad times
    Allows you the space to grow, change, make decisions, and even make mistakes
    Respects your need for confidentiality so that you can tell him or her anything
    Works with you to determine what action to take next time a difficult situation comes up
    Allow you to express your feelings and emotions freely without judging, criticizing, or teasing.
    Has your best interest in mind

Find a Peer Group
Find a group of people who are coping with mental health problems similar to yours. Support groups can positively affect your recovery because:
    Individuals who share common life experiences have a unique ability to help each other based on a shared history and a deep understanding of the problem.
    Individuals provide their first-hand experiences, strengths, and hopes to peers.
    Peers may serve as living examples that individuals can and do recover from mental health problems.
    Peers serve as advocates by supporting others who may experience discrimination and prejudice.

Participate in Your Treatment Decisions
It is critical for you to be educated and engaged on your own mental health programs and recovery. Play an active role in your own treatment by:
    Researching mental health and wellness information specific to your diagnosis.
    Utilize shared decision-making in your treatment. Participate actively with your mental health provider and construct informed treatment decisions together.

Develop a Recovery Plan
Recovery is a process of change where individuals improve their mental health by living a self-directed life and striving to reach their full potential. Studies indicate that most individuals suffering from a mental health illness recover completely.
Develop a written recovery plan to organize your thoughts and use as a constant reminder of your goals.
Recovery plans:
    Allow you to identify goals for achieving wellness.
    Specify what you can do to reach your goals, such as daily activities.
    Identify triggers or other stressful events that can make you feel worse, and help you learn how to manage them.

To learn more, or if you or a loved one are seeking help for any mental health illness, contact Capitol Care at their Alabama department of mental health. Do not face this difficult problem alone.

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